Sound design: Mathieu Pellerin

Know the story about the 13 year-old kid who wakes up one day to find himself under attack by space alien squirrels from the future? Didn’t think so!
This hilarious new animated comedy features Blake Myers, and his best friend Mitch, who constantly find themselves under siege by three idiot squirrels in their city block. These are not just regular old idiot Earth-squirrels… They’re ALIEN squirrels! These “Squaliens” have been sent from the future with one secret goal: capture Blake in order to prevent him from one day becoming the Blake Myers, Space Ranger. Hero. Defeater of Squaliens. But these alien imbeciles quickly learn that operation Get Blake isn’t easy as it sounds.
Duration: 52 x 11′
Production Company: Marathon Media
Commissioning Broadcaster: Nickelodeon
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